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Release: Kou'un no Rihatsushi Vol. 2 Ch. 19 [END]

  • Series: Kou'un no Rihatsushi
  • Author: Nagato Saichi
  • Series Length: 2 volumes (completed)
  • Project Status: Completed

    This series was previously scanlated by Dangerous Pleasure, who nearly finished it; it only had one chapter left to completion! The last update from that group was years ago, so I decided to finish it. Please note that my Japanese scan was from the tankoban edition, which had a different numbering scheme than Dangerous Pleasure used for their releases, which came from the magazine edition. For the sake of consistency with the previous releases, I named this release "Chapter 19" even though it is actually part of Chapter 11 in the tankoban. Here is a quick run-down of the numbering differences between the tankoban and Dangerous Pleasure's release:

    Dangerous Pleasure release Tankoban release
    Vol. 2 Ch. 7 Vol. 2 Prologue
    Vol. 2 Ch. 8 Vol. 2 Ch. 6
    Vol. 2 Ch. 9-12 Vol. 2 Ch. 7
    Vol. 2 Ch. 13 Vol. 2 Ch. 8
    Vol. 2 Ch. 14 Vol. 2 Ch. 9
    Vol. 2 Ch. 15-17 Vol. 2 Ch. 10
    Vol. 2 Ch. 18-19 Vol. 2 Ch. 11

    Release is available on the Kou'un no Rihatsushi page.

    Volume 2 Chapter 19 [END]
  • Tags: genre: boys' love, manga, release, scanlation, series: kou'un no rihatsushi
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