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Release: Ren'ai Kofukuron Vol. 1 Ch. 1-5 [END]

  • Series: Ren'ai Kofukuron (The Art of Loving)
  • Author: Eiki Eiki
  • Series Length: 1 volume (completed/dropped by the author)
  • Project Status: Completed

    Since one of the characters from Color appears in this manga, and the only version available was a very LQ scan of the DPM release, I decided to restore this manga at the same time I was working on Color. The restoration uses a quality Japanese scan and DPM's translation; if you enjoy this manga and have the means in your country, please support the author by purchasing a copy of DPM's version of this manga while it is still available (BL is notorious for being hard to acquire/going out of print!)

    Releases are available on the Ren'ai Kofukuron page.

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5 [END]
    Bonus Content
  • Tags: genre: boys' love, manga, release, restoration, series: ren'ai kofukuron
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