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Release: Chichi no Koyomi Vol. 1 Ch. 5-12 [END]

  • Series: Chichi no Koyomi (My Father's Journal)
  • Author: Taniguchi Jiro
  • Series Length: 1 volume (completed)
  • Project Status: Completed

    This was an abandoned manga scanlation that had four chapters released years ago by scanlators Inane/Blackout & Inane. I found a commercial Italian version of the manga (provided by Brogio @ MangaDex) and completed the scanlation (Chapters 5-12 and the bonuses from the Italian release).

    Releases are available on the Chichi no Koyomi page.

    Chapter 5: Beautiful Mother
    Chapter 6: The Memory of Summer
    Chapter 7: The Break Up
    Chapter 8: Another Mother
    Chapter 9: The Photograph
    Chapter 10: My Uncle's Words
    Chapter 11: Spring and Autumn Return
    Chapter 12: The Spring of My Hometown [END]
    Epilogue/About the Author/Credits
  • Tags: genre: seinen, manga, release, scanlation, series: chichi no koyomi
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