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[sticky post] Sim Stories

Hello! Welcome to Sim Stories, a collection of tales using worlds, characters, and situations from Sims 3. I am Mastress, and I got into Sims 3 during the winter of 2014 when I saw some videos of one of my favorite Internet reviewers playing the game that got me very intrigued. After that I decided to get the game from Steam, and have been hooked since. I really got into the appeal of using it for storytelling from YouTube "Simmers" like TheEnglishSimmer and James Turner of The Sim Supply, but lacking a microphone or video recording software, I knew I'd never be able to do anything like that of my own. Then I found the blog Alice and Kev, which ultimately became my inspiration for Sim Stories: I realized that one could tell a very engaging story using nothing more than screencaps and the written word!

I highly encourage comments and input from my readers! Your voice can have an impact on how things develop in the story. While some events may be set in stone, most are quite flexible, and I'm very interested in knowing what kind of thoughts, reactions, and suggestions my readers may experience with each new installment! I can also be reached via e-mail at mastressalita at gmail dot com, or if you use the Sims forums, you can send me a PM from my profile page.


This site is now officially moved to Wordpress! All new content will be posted to the new site, located at the new Wordpress link, so please head on over to the new Sim Stories!

Table of Contents

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Sim Stories Has Moved!

All the content from this site has moved over to Wordpress, and all new story chapters will be published there. Please update your bookmarks and links to the new site, mastressalita.wordpress.com

Happy Spooky Day!

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