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The Stray

"Still can't get the kittens to sleep?"

"No. I've tried everything! Warm milk, rhythmic purring, but they are all wound up. I think they found your catnip mouse again."

"Blast! All right, kittens, gather round, I have a bedtime story--"

"It's not the one about leaving the wriggling beast in the wrinkly one's comfy place again, is it?"

"No, my kits, this is a story of a little kitten, about the same age as yourselves..."

"As soon as he could open his eyes, the kitten knew that he was... different from his litter mates. His mother was a fine, silky black cat, and all her kittens had the same dark black fur... but his was white as the wet cold stuff outside. Whenever he tried to feast on his mother's warm milk, his siblings would take up all the room along her belly, leaving no teats for the white kitten to suckle."

"Papa, this story is sad!"

"Don't worry, my little queen, it'll get better...

"The family of cats lived with a special breed of wrinkly two-legger known as a 'witch.' This breed of two-legger apparently has magical powers. The white kitten wanted nothing more than to be a proper witch's cat...

"...But when the witch saw him, she was furious! Proper witch-cats are always black as the night!

"She scooped up the white kitten and took him outside..."

"This is getting scary, Papa..."

"And told him to scram! He wasn't wanted there!"

"You said this was going to get better!"

"Hush and listen to the story!"

"The little kitten pleaded with the witch to please keep him, he'd be a good and proper witch-cat, but the two-legger paid no heed to his mewls. She kicked him aside and went back into her den, leaving the kitten all alone.

"There was nowhere for him to go, but to run into the dark night, and hope that he'd find a home before he starved or froze out on the streets. His dream of being a witch-cat had been shattered."

"That's so sad..." *mewls*

"The white kitten ran and ran, until he had no energy left. He was too tired and too hungry. He collapsed, sure that he wouldn't be much longer for this world.

"The world started to go dark around him... His eyes fluttered..."

"I can't listen to any more!"

"And he was certain that he must be dreaming, because there, before him, was the most wondrous site! Slowly, he summoned all the strength he had...

"...And he walked up to the little witch that was standing before him, mewling loudly, asking her, 'Please please please can I be your witch-cat?' Of course any proper two-legger would understand that means, 'Please feed me, I'm starving!' The poor kitten was famished!

"The little witch, a mere kitten among two-leggers, did the right thing and fed the poor feline. She was obviously well trained.

"Instead of getting kicked and sent away, the white kitten was lifted into her paws and pet gently, right behind the ears and down the neck, in all the best places.

"Whatever magic that little witch had planned that night was cancelled, because she turned back around, with the white kitten in her arms, and headed back to her den. His feline eyes went wide; he could tell it was a proper witch's den!

"And the white kitten became a witch-cat from that day forward. ...See, kittens? I told you it would have a happy ending! ...Kittens?"

"Aah... and Papa gets a happy ending as well! Goodnight, kittens!"

This was my first time trying out the Monthly Short Story Challenge from the Sims forums. Though this could easily fit into the Cat Chronicles timeline, since the stipulations are to write a story in a short story format, I had to separate it out from the main series... think of it sort of as a side story that could work as a stand-alone story or as part of Cat Chronicles. This is why I also changed up the format a bit and wrote it in a slightly different dialogue style than is typical of Cat Chronicles.

I ran into
so many glitches trying to create this rather simple little story! I initially thought it was my copy of Midnight Hollow that was causing my issues, which is why I moved the second half of the story to a new town, but my crashing issues were continuing even then; a cc-strip on Little Witch finally got it stable enough to get the second half, though the odd part is she wasn't wearing anything that I hadn't used on other child Sims before. Huh. In any event... at least it got done despite the constant crashing! *throws confetti* I don't think I'd ever worked so hard for 15 screencaps before!

Since I try to always cite my sources (in case anyone else wants to use them!) I got the witch Sim here and can vouch she is 100% cc-free (I added the witch hat cc, which I found here for adults and here for children). I'm not big on custom poses, for the cats I mainly used ones from Shades Cattery and OrangeMitten's Kitty Pose Pack. The witch shooing the kitten away actually came from Traelia's Death Pose Pack (I told you I only have cute cat and death pose packs installed!)


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Oct. 30th, 2015 05:01 pm (UTC)
Ooh! Kitties!!! I love this story, but I agree with the kitties, it's sad. I am greatful that the white kitty found a properly trained witch to live with. I love the cat perspective, it sounds like you do that a lot so I'll be wandering over to the cat chronicles and taking a peak.
Oct. 30th, 2015 08:04 pm (UTC)
Yes, I'm not sure if I would've been able to handle a sad ending when kittens are involved myself, though the game certainly wanted to make it that way! I was having so many issues I thought the last image I was going to have was White Kitten running into the gloomy distance of Midnight Hollow, never to be seen again... *sniffle* Thankfully I was able to hunt down the crashing issue so he got his happy ending! (And author got her happy ending too, heh). Imagine going out Trick-or-Treating, expecting to come home with a load of candy, but coming home with a kitten instead... As much as I love chocolate, I think that child got the better deal, hahahaha!

Yes, Cat Chronicles is sort of a slice-of-life from a cat's perspective. It's a rather laid-back story where not really much happens, other than the "cute cats doing cute things" variety. (In other words, it isn't particularly super plot-heavy... my other series is more driven in that regard, so Cat Chronicles is kind of my "chill" counterpart to the constantly driven plot-developments of The Yandere Diaries). My apartment won't let me have a cat, so I do enjoy my Sim kitties, heh!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read! It was really fun to try something new and participate in the Monthly Short Story Challenges thread! (I have been binge reading through all the entries from this month and the last two months for the last several days! Damn that Bookworm trait...)

Edited at 2015-10-30 08:05 pm (UTC)
Oct. 31st, 2015 03:06 am (UTC)
Awww this was great! Anything with kitties!! And now I want to read your cat chronicles. Great job and welcome to the challenges!
Oct. 31st, 2015 04:50 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks for reading, Anon! I appreciate it! I never expected this little spin-off to generate so much interest in Cat Chronicles, but I'm certainly glad it has!

I really enjoyed joining in the challenge thread and have been happily sinking my teeth into all the lovely entries this month (as well as the August and September entries, because... I can't help it, you dangle wonderful stories in front of my nose and I have to read them!) I can't wait to see what November brings, it's a lovely idea to have a different theme every month, and see all the different ways it can be interpreted!

Edited at 2015-10-31 04:57 am (UTC)
Nov. 6th, 2015 03:34 am (UTC)
ninjapigsims here! Also known as eXokamikaze on the forums. :)

This was the most adorable thing! That little white kitten is the sweetest. I'm so happy that he found a little witch to befriend and to serve. :)
Nov. 6th, 2015 04:09 am (UTC)
Thanks for stopping by and reading, Ninjapigsims! I am happy for him too, he will serve as a fine lap-warmer and destroyer-of-vases-while-chasing-mystic-red-lights, I am fairly certain!
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