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The Yandere Diaries Entry 31: Kindle

Dear Diary,

I was so exhausted from yesterday's... activities... that when I woke up this morning, I had completely forgotten that Kindle had been sleeping upstairs until she slipped into the upstairs bathroom when I was using it just before school. She was planning on skipping school! I didn't want to just leave her, but could I really just skip school too? I'm an honor student, I've never done anything like that before, but... you only live once, right?

My parents had already left for work a good hour before the school bus arrived, so it was simply a matter of biding my time with Kindle in my room until Calla was gone. We usually sit together on the bus, so I knew my absence wouldn't go unnoticed. Would she rat me out for playing hookie, though?

Kindle said she had somewhere she needed to be, and headed out. I asked if I could come along, and she just sort of shrugged, like she didn't really care one way or the other. I told her that whatever was going on, she knew she could count on me to be there for her, right? Wouldn't she tell me what was going on? She just shook her head and said she appreciated letting her couch surf at my place, but right now, she didn't think she should get too attached to anyone. I asked her if it was serious, if she'd killed someone, because I didn't care. She just laughed and told me I was a weird one. But I was being serious...

It turns out she was meeting someone... at the cemetery, of all places. I felt like I'd seen the woman before, too, but it took me a moment to finally place her: Roderick's mother. He'd claimed she was a crook and an embarrassment. How did Kindle even know her? I wanted to listen in, but I didn't want Kindle to see me hovering.

...I actually gave her some privacy, and went to do some blogging on my phone. I've certainly had a lot to blog about lately! I have no idea who you are, Ruth Kellogg, but thank you kindly for your support! You've just bought me an organic java at the Riverview Cafe...

It had already grown dark by the time Kindle had finished with her meeting. She apologized and told me I really shouldn't have come along. I shrugged and said I didn't mind, but before I could ask her how she knew Roderick's mom, she said she had to meet with her gang for "work" and would be back later that evening. I told her my parents go to sleep early, and I'd keep the door unlocked for her, so to just be quiet sneaking back in and she should be fine. Especially since Mom can sleep through anything, including burglar alarms going off right outside her bedroom.

She told me I was the best and rushed off, and I was left still wondering what was going on.

When I got home, Dad was making dinner. I felt tense as I greeted him. Had Calla told him I'd skipped school? He seemed in a rather pleasant mood, and didn't mention it, so I just avoided the topic of school at the dinner table entirely...

The next morning, I woke feeling relieved that it was finally Friday. I'd successfully hidden the fact Kindle had spent the last two nights at our house from my parents, but I knew that would never last over the weekend while they were off, but if I "brought her home from school" I could ask Mom if she could "spend the night" since we didn't have school on Saturday and knew she'd say yes. That would take a lot of the stress off.

Unfortunately my feelings of relief didn't last long. I heard a commotion coming from the upstairs bathroom that I share with Calla...

When Calla got out of the bathtub only to find an unexpected visitor in the shower...

...She was not happy about it. I could hear her shouting things like, "Does my mother even know you're here?" through my bedroom wall. I really didn't want to get involved...

Instead, I checked the position of the parental units downstairs. On Fridays they have the day off, unless they go in to hold meetings or lectures, but they usually don't do that until the afternoon. They were in the kitchen, going about their morning routine. If we forfeited breakfast, we could slip out the front and meet the school bus unnoticed.

Calla was still glaring at Kindle as we slipped out, but she still didn't say anything to our parents, even though they were just a room away. Maybe Miss Student Council President just didn't want to miss the bus...

After school, I noticed Jayce hurrying right home, as per the restrictions on his grounding. Oh, Jayce! I want to hang out with you so badly! I miss you! Why must you be so close and yet so far away? Argh, only two more days!

I had been dumped with a ton of extra homework because my absence the previous day had not gone unnoticed by the school. I wasn't exactly thrilled, and decided to let off some steam about the stupid absence policy and stupid teachers and the stupid Senior Prom that was tomorrow but my boyfriend was grounded so I had no idea what I was supposed to do about the stupid dance...

She was just like, "Don't go, I never do. I show up to spike the punch and leave. Sneak your boy out and go do something more worthwhile."

...And you know, Diary, she was making a lot of sense. Who says I have to go to the Senior Prom anyway? Sloan will be expecting me to go with him... I can avoid the whole situation by just slipping over to Jayce's house and sneaking him out for a secret rendezvous, right? ...I'm not sure if he'd go for it, though. If he got caught, his grounding would be doubled! Or worse! I don't know if I could bear that...

As we continued to chat, Mrs. Finnegan finished up her shift and headed out, looking absolutely miserable. I wonder if they've actually found Quinn's body, or if she's still just missing...

I told Kindle my plan to ask my mom if she could spend the night as we walked home together. She said she understood, but seemed a bit uneasy. When I went to ask Mom, she looked like she was ready to split at any minute.

But of course Mom said yes, like I knew she would. I hardly ever have friends spend the night, and it's a weekend, so...

Of course, I'm sure she would've appreciated more notice on my part. The second she knew we had a guest, she went crazy cleaning the house. Oh Mom, if only you knew she'd already been staying here the last two nights... she's already seen our mess and doesn't care!

I thought I'd finally have a chance to talk to her properly, now that we would be having a "proper" sleepover... but Kindle passed out on the couch upstairs the second we got home from school, and even her phone ringing -- no doubt her gang calling her up about whatever important "job" they had for her tonight -- she didn't budge. Being a petty criminal must be pretty exhausting...

I didn't want to disturb her, so I headed into my room to change into something more comfy and play some computer games for a while, when Calla came busting in, absolutely furious. "What's gotten into you lately?" she wanted to know. "You skip school, you let the school delinquent stay here behind our parents' backs, and you were out on a date with Sloan when you have Jayce!"

"Don't deny it, Ezra asked me to help him with his homework after school yesterday, and he told me he saw you two at the bowling alley together while we were having dinner! Did you just have to try out being a bad girl for once?"

Oh Calla, if only you knew...

And then she had the gall to accuse me of being insane! Me!

She was fuming and stormed downstairs, so I headed after her, telling her she had to let me explain. I said that I didn't know exactly what was going on yet, but that Kindle had shown up very upset, and I was pretty sure she needed help, and she just needed a place to stay for a few days. Despite how she looks, I know she's okay. I didn't have to skip school to be with her, but I chose to, because... I don't know, I thought that's what a friend would do. Calla started to soften up a bit. Then I told her that with Jayce grounded all week, I was lonely. I was just hanging out with Sloan, all we did was go bowling together. How was that any different than her going to the movies with Soren because Roderick was away at boarding school?

She apologized after that. She said she shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I asked her if she'd please not tell our parents about any of this, and she said it was going to cost me a month of cleaning our bathroom, with a sly smile. She's going to make a great politician one day with blackmail skills like that, I can tell already.

Surprisingly, she was kind enough to help me catch back up on the heaps of extra homework I'd been assigned for ditching class, and with her assistance, it didn't take nearly so long to get it all done.

Kindle finally woke from her nap and came downstairs to stuff her face on Mom's goopy carbonara, having nothing more than our cafeteria lunch at school that day. After dinner, I finally had a chance to talk with her. I kept trying to guess what sort of trouble she was in since she wouldn't tell me. Had she stolen some great artifact from the art museum and needed to make her getaway to the Bahamas? Surely not their treasured lawn flamingo!

Kindle's phone was ringing, but she ignored it, busy laughing at my poor attempts at humor. She could always check her messages later, right?

She said she was sorry to disappoint, but it was nothing so grand. She said that things have always been a bit rocky with her mom, since they are so close in age. Apparently her mom was still a teen when she had Kindle, and she's never really been a very good mother-figure. They had a really bad fight that night that she showed up on my doorstep. She said at the time, she just really didn't know where else she could go... She doesn't want to go home to the trailer with her mom, she's close enough to being an adult now she wants to make her own decisions.

It's a sad story, but at the same time, I felt really giddy inside. She finally told me the truth, and she came to me after she'd run away from home even though we weren't all that close at the time... I felt that now, we really were closer than ever. She'd said before she didn't want to get too attached to anyone, but I think she was just trying to protect herself... I have a feeling Kindle will be a friend I can count on for the rest of my life.

The next morning, I woke up to find a text from Kindle. It said, "Thanks for everything, Cora. I got a new place to crash worked out, so I won't burden you any longer."

She must have slipped out during the night, in the middle of the rainstorm, while we were all asleep.

I just hope things will be better for her, wherever she's staying now.

She might be a petty criminal, but she's a good person at heart. She'd left her room spotless, the bed made, as if she had never been there at all.

Even though it was completely unnecessary just for PoV shots and the storytelling, I wanted the little challenge of trying to keep Kindle "hidden" from the family, and actually did make sure to not let her be seen (until revealed by Cora to her mom). Which yes, did mean no going down to the kitchen for waffles for one morning (although if they looked anything like the burnt waffles Ezra's strict military father served his son and guest for dinner, I think that would be a blessing, heh). The only real muck-up was when my queued actions in the morning for Calla taking a bath and Kindle taking a shower in the same bathroom (I have privacy turned off in that bathroom since it's an on-suite connected to both Cora and Calla's rooms that they share, and they are sisters, so who cares about privacy between twin sisters?) ended up overlapping, thus Calla discovering Kindle, and therefore I had to go with it at that point, heh. Also, Kindle really did decline the "Ask to be Best Friends Forever" several times over the few days she stayed. It wasn't until that final night, shortly before she left, that she finally accepted the request. She definitely didn't want to make it easy!


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Cody Thoroman
Nov. 8th, 2015 04:21 am (UTC)
Relly nice to finally see some sisterly bonding moments! :)
Nov. 8th, 2015 07:31 am (UTC)
Thanks. ^_^ I'm actually surprised they have quite a high relationship between each other despite their traits being quite opposite, which I've always found pretty interesting. Cora kept getting a lot of wish rolls to make Calla her BFF, but since Calla already had Clarissa, I wanted to do something different, find someone outside her household. I was waffling between Willow and Kindle when I discovered a young adult wouldn't get the BFF option so Meadow wasn't going to work out, and finally settled on Kindle since I know Cora would not judge her for being a criminal-in-the-making, heh.

I don't think their fight managed to wreck the sister's relationship too much... I am still mildly amused at Calla accusing Cora of being an Insane Sim while she has a creepy photo of Jayce sleeping right there above her bed... (Yes, you are so perfectly normal, Cora!)
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