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The Cat Chronicles Day 31: House Tour

Feast, my kittens, for today will be busy! There is much you must learn about this place...

Here you will find the bowls filled with tasty things. They are not as tasty as the spotted queen's milk, but when you get a bit bigger, you'll prefer these meaty-tasting niblets. However, I should warn you...

...Ah, too late. That is the growling beast. He eats food bowls, and he wants to steal our tasty things. You must protect your tasty things by hissing at him while you eat. ...Very good, Two-Paw, just like that!

That is the light box. Little two-leggers live inside it.

...You can hiss at them, but they never pay attention. They just continue to make more noise. I hissed at them too, when I was your size. Now, I just accept it, since if the light box is making noise, that means the wrinkly one will be sitting on her comfy spot, and then I can sit in her lap, which is an even more comfy spot. One day, you will grow big enough to reach such comfy places. Trust me.

This wonderous thing has many uses. It is a great comfy place for cat naps, a great high place for perching and watching over the room, and works well for sharpening your claws. Watch your mother, Three-Paw... there you go, just like that! Very good. If you sharpen your claws on other things, two-leggers tend to shout and swat at your tail-end, but it is safe to scratch there.

Ah... this is the sandbox, where important kitty business is done. When the sandbox is fresh and clean, you must always go use it right away. That way the two-leggers know how much you appreciate the new sand. This is an important kitty rule! Do not forget it!

And here is the corner of amusements! You are too small yet to attack the feather, but you can roll on the soft ground and leave your fur on it, which is great fun, or swat small things across the floor! Swatting small things of amusement so they are all over the house is your duty! If your two-legger does not yowl from stepping on your plaything, you have not done a good enough job!

What's that? You'd rather play with me? Daaw, come here, you!

Who needs the corner of amusements when there are kittens around to play with instead?

The nursing pose came from Shades Cattery. It was too adaaaaaaaawable to not take advantage of it. Thanks for the great pose!