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The Yandere Diaries Entry 30: Glub Glub

Dear Diary,

The thick snow that has been covering Riverview for weeks has finally melted away! Spring has arrived, and with it, warm, sunny skies.

Despite the bright and cheery weather, I was feeling rather gloomy. The big Spring Social was coming up, which was considered the big dance before graduation... and Jayce was still grounded! And even if he could convince his parents to let him go to the dance -- which I highly doubted since he'd already used his Get Out of Jail Free Card to let me go to Sheena's birthday party -- what would I do about Sloan? He thought me and Jayce were splitsville now! This was going all wrong... and it was all that stupid Quinn's fault! I wanted to squash her like a bug!



After school, I headed out to the old science research site and sent Quinn a text telling her that I had something really important to talk to her about, with the GPS location of the site. Would she agree to come? She'd turned me down when I'd tried to get her to just come over to my house during her parents' New Year's Party, but that was before I'd made out with her brother at the bowling alley... surely he'd gloated about that, right?

"OK," the text back said. She'd agreed! My mood immediately started to brighten.

When Quinn arrived, she appeared to be in a surprisingly good mood... but perhaps that had to do with the fact she'd obviously been into her Dad's beer stash to overcome her shyness before she'd headed over. I could smell it all over her breath!

She looked good. With graduation fast approaching, she'd really started to fill out her swimmer's body, and she'd gotten a new haircut that showed off her green eyes even more. While Claire had been all curves and curls and feminine charm, somehow I felt this quiet athlete was the bigger threat...

I told her that things had been rocky between me and Jayce recently. I liked art, he liked sports. He played soccer, I played video games... we didn't have much in common. But I found that Sloan and liked the same video games and bands, and had fun hanging out together. I wanted to give him a chance. And I wanted her to know all this because... she's always secretly liked Jayce, right?

Her face told me everything. Guilty as charged. She was crushing so hard!

I thought I was going to be sick... I needed to change the subject, quick!

I mentioned how nice it was to finally have some warm weather, and asked if she'd like to go swimming.

Oh, did she ever! Heheheheh...

We headed over to the pond...

...Where Quinn wasted no time in jumping right in.

The water felt a bit chilly to me, but she didn't seem too bothered by it.

It was time to make my move. Goodbye, Quinn...

I told her I needed to use the outhouse and excused myself, then made my way up the top of the cliffside, where the remains of the alien ruins were located. The brambles were killing my feet, but I tried to ignore the pain, thinking only of my ultimate goal.

...To crush Quinn like the insignificant little insect that she was!

The boulder was heavy, but perched so precariously on the cliff edge, it didn't take too much force to set it rolling down the cliff straight at the pond...

...Where it came to rest right on the bank, embedding itself into the watery mud.

Well, it'll have to do. A shame it didn't fall flat on her head, but the pond was too deep to climb out anywhere else. Just how long could miss "I want to be an olympic swimmer!" keep afloat, especially with all that alcohol in her system?

I headed back down to the pond at a brisk pace, looking in a panic at the avalanche that had occurred while I was presumably in the toilet. I told Quinn I'd send a message for help, as I discreetly snapped a few photos on my phone.

She started to really panic then. She said the water was getting extremely cold, and she couldn't find a place to climb out anywhere.

I told her I'd go look for a large branch or something until help arrived, and then headed out of view.

I could hear her flailing around and gurgling for help for some time...

...and then, the splashing stopped.

I slipped back over to the pond, to see Quinn submerged below the water.

I watched as she sank down into her watery grave, until I could no longer see her any longer.

With a splash, I tossed the mermaid figurine she'd given Jayce for Snowflake Day down into the depths of the pond, to sink with her.

I was getting dressed when Death arrived to take Quinn.

Though she pleaded for her life, it was too late.

Quinn was gone, and all I felt was sweet, sweet victory.

By the time I arrived back home, I was exhausted. I didn't expect to see Kindle standing outside my house, shivering in the frosty spring air.

I simply opened the door and let her in.

Once inside where it was warm, I asked her what she was doing there. She looked visibly upset, and said she didn't really want to talk about it. She just said she needed a place to crash for a little while.

I didn't ask any further questions. I simply showed her to the little hideaway guest room upstairs. I know it's tiny, but compared to the trailer Kindle shares with her mom, this is probably a paradise.

I'm sure I'll find out more in the morning... but for now, Diary, I must sleep. Even with Quinn gone, there is still much to worry about...

I used a few of Smirkeh's Drowning Poses in this part, though most of them were au naturel. I believe the best I could do for Cora pushing the rock came from Clarisse's Captive Pose Pack. There was probably something out there that would've worked a bit more tidily, but I'd rather play than spend hours looking for the perfect custom poses, and most of what I loaded my game up with were either from cute kitten packs or death packs, hahahaha! (What a combination). Those disturbing faces she was making right after school, as well as "Capturing the Moment" on her phone during the middle of the murder, was 100% natural Cora, however... how did I manage to make such a disturbing Sim? And she doesn't even have the Evil trait! (Yet, anyway... Certainly looks like she's headed down that route though, doesn't it? Mwahahahaha!)