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[sticky post] Sim Stories

Hello! Welcome to Sim Stories, a collection of tales using worlds, characters, and situations from Sims 3. I am Mastress, and I got into Sims 3 during the winter of 2014 when I saw some videos of one of my favorite Internet reviewers playing the game that got me very intrigued. After that I decided to get the game from Steam, and have been hooked since. I really got into the appeal of using it for storytelling from YouTube "Simmers" like TheEnglishSimmer and James Turner of The Sim Supply, but lacking a microphone or video recording software, I knew I'd never be able to do anything like that of my own. Then I found the blog Alice and Kev, which ultimately became my inspiration for Sim Stories: I realized that one could tell a very engaging story using nothing more than screencaps and the written word!

I highly encourage comments and input from my readers! Your voice can have an impact on how things develop in the story. While some events may be set in stone, most are quite flexible, and I'm very interested in knowing what kind of thoughts, reactions, and suggestions my readers may experience with each new installment! I can also be reached via e-mail at mastressalita at gmail dot com, or if you use the Sims forums, you can send me a PM from my profile page.


This site is now officially moved to Wordpress! All new content will be posted to the new site, located at the new Wordpress link, so please head on over to the new Sim Stories!

Table of Contents

The Cat Chronicles

Day 1: A New Home
Day 2: Kitten Temptations
Day 3: Twilight Hour Visitor
Day 4: New Aquaintance
Day 5: Canines
Day 6: Kitty Maintenance
Day 7: Destructive Impulses
Day 8: Cat Burglar
Day 9: Whacked Out
Day 10: Noisy Two-leggers
Day 11: A Day at the Garden
Day 12: Big Cat
Day 13: Fire Monsters
Day 14: Hunting Practice
Day 15: Dish-eaters and Dogs
Day 16: A New Sleeping Place
Day 17: Needy Cat
Day 18: Amusements
Day 19: Kitty Gifts
Day 20: Shedding and Begging
Day 21: Problems
Day 22: Cat Heaven
Day 23: An Evening at the Fair
Day 24: Kitty Kisses
Day 25: Feeling Frisky
Day 26: Expecting!
Day 27: Kittens!
Day 28: Trick or Treat
Day 29: Feed Me!
Day 30: Family Visit
Day 31: House Tour
Side Story: The Stray

The Yandere Diaries

Entry 1: Hello, World
Entry 2: Leisure Day
Entry 3: First Day of High School
Entry 4: Mood Swings
Entry 5: Slumber Party!
Entry 6: Prom
Entry 7: First Date
Entry 8: In Trouble!
Entry 9: Soccer Showdown
Entry 10: School Project
Entry 11: Pranksters!
Entry 12: Spooky Day Eve
Entry 13: Spooky Day
Entry 14: Spooky Day Continued
Entry 15: The Day After
Entry 16: Investigation
Entry 17: Study Session
Entry 18: First Kiss
Entry 19: Finally Inside!
Entry 20: Winter Festival
Entry 21: Winter Ball
Entry 22: One Hot Cram Session
Entry 23: Catfight at the Pool!
Entry 24: The Most Epic Snowflake Eve Kegger Ever!
Entry 25: Snowflake Day
Entry 26: A Very Explosive Birthday Party
Entry 27: Strange Start to a New Year
Entry 28: Ancient Aliens
Entry 29: The Fake Date
Entry 30: Glub Glub
Entry 31: Kindle

Short Stories

The Stray [October 2015: Halloween-inspired]

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Legacy Directory - An index of user-submitted links to stories based on legacies, arranged by legacy type.
The Sim's Pen - A weekly newsletter hosted in the Sims Wikia that showcases Sims fanfiction works.
Alice and Kev - The first screencap Sims 3 story I ever read and my inspiration for this blog, Alice and Kev is the story of a homeless father and daughter just trying to get by.
TheEnglishSimmer - A YouTube Simmer who does Let's Play series with interesting stories.
The Sim Supply - Build and Let's Play videos by Simmer James Turner. He focuses on building and money-raising aspects of the game, but has some series that focus on story-telling, as well.
Lazy Game Reviews - Informative yet humorous reviews on all the different games in the Sims series, as well as Let's Play videos of several of the games, which are random, silly, and bound to make any Simmer laugh.

If you have a website or YouTube channel dedicated to a Sims fanwork project, be it fanart, fanfiction, webcomics, screencapture storytelling, or a video Let's Play, and would like me to provide a link to your site, I would be happy to do so! All I ask is that you return the favor by providing a link to my site. Let's spread the love of Sims fanon!